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Auralex Acoustical Treatment Employed by Music Education Non-Profit: SongFarm.

Features: Auralex Acoustics, Music Merchandise Review.

“It definitely did not sound like a recording studio, by any means,” says F. Reid Shippen, whose own credits include platinum-selling artists Backstreet Boys, Kelsea Ballerini, Lady Antebellum and many others. “But we put a call into Auralex and it was nothing short of amazing what you can do with their acoustical products and expertise.” After the installation of a number of Auralex ProPanels™, ProClouds™, ISO Series® products and ProMAX™ free-standing acoustical treatments, the transformation was complete. “Suddenly, you could now monitor accurately in there,” says Shippen. READ MORE.

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SongFarm, co-founded by Ross Copperman and F. Reid Shippen, is a coalition of musicians, educators, and businesses who work collaboratively to enable music creation programs in secondary schools.

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