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A career in music was never my intention...

Everyone around me said that music was a hobby, not a job. I ignored them and did it anyway. Fast forward... I've been fortunate to work with a wide range of fantastic artists. I've mixed hundreds of songs in nearly every musical genre and worked with many producers, both famous and not (yet). I've mixed songs you've heard on the radio, on records, in movies, in tv shows, in advertisements and more. I am working on being a little bit better tomorrow than I was yesterday, because I love music and I want it to be great. Thanks for checking out my website.

That's your bio?  I strongly dislike bios, they always seem simultaneously insincere and too damn serious... Insinserious?

Where are you from?  I grew up in New Jersey, just south of NYC. Yes, that explains several things about me. Jersey, baby.

How did you get your start in music?  I went to the only school I could afford, barely graduated because i was in the studio all the time, then ran the intern-assistant-engineer-mixer gamut. My mom has my diplomas somewhere. I've never needed them.

Are you a musician?  Can I play instruments? Yes. Do I admit to it? No. Especially in Nashville.

Why should I get you to produce/engineer/mix my record?  Well, I'm really good at it. Other people generally seem to agree. It will be quick, fun, mostly painless, and you will love the results.

How do you know I'll love it?  Because that's my job, and we'll work until it's done. Which means, until you're happy.

What kind of music are you the best at?  You tell me. I like to jump around. Working on eclectic projects is great fun. I've mixed award-winning records in multiple genres- pop, rock, ccm, r&b, gospel, country, soul, metal, classical, film scores... I'm still waiting for klezmer. Bring it on.

What kind of music are you worst at?  Ask whoever fired me last.

You get fired from projects?  Everyone gets fired. If someone tells you they've never been fired from a record, they're either lying or not trying hard enough to make things great.

What's the secret to great mixes?  A great song. A passion for music. Espresso. An 1176 or two.

 Seriously.  What? I like to drink coffee while I make music. A great song is a great song, but emotion is the key to a great mix. If something sounds technically correct, but it's boring, who cares? If it sounds decent but it kicks your ass... it wins. 

Who do you look up to?  My kids, Jesus, Miles Davis, Christopher Walken, Paul and C.S. Lewis.

Paul the apostle or Paul McCartney?
Yes. And Stevie Wonder. NOT Ted Nugent.

No, jackass. What engineers do you look up to? Loads of them. the Lord-Alges. Brauer. Stent. Wallace. Dowd. Trombino. Dodd. Walla. Meek. King. Ghenea. Clearmountain. Emerick. Powell. Valentine. Shipley. Paczosa. Fridmann. Katis. Massenburg. Murphy. Maserati. Schmidt. Pensado. Wells. Cherney. Endert. Wisch. Goodmanson. O'Brien. Chiccarelli. Hogarth. Power. Excellence is the hallmark- the list is long, and i'm sure i'm missing a ton of guys. Always be learning...

Have you ever competed against any of these guys? And won?  Yes. And yes. 

Have you worked with famous people?
Yup. Dig thru the disco. Easy, guys.. I put my pants on just like the rest of you -- one leg at a time. Except, once my pants are on, I make gold records.

Do you travel to do projects?  Sometimes. I don't mind it, although it's nerve-wracking to roll up into a room you've never heard before, without any gear, and hope to guess your way into great work. But travel is fun. Especially Australia. And anywhere Mutt Lange wants me to go.

Do you track?  Yes, when I'm not busy mixing. I'd love to come record with you, it'll be fun times.

Do you produce?  Yes, and co-produce, and develop artists in my spare time, which hasn't been much lately but there's several things in the works that i'm amped about. Watch this space.

Have you really won Grammys?  Thankfully, I have. To date i've mixed 10 Grammy-winning projects. Grammys are heavier than they look. 

Who's been your favorite artist/producer/songwriter/mastering engineer/a&r guy?  Please. Can't answer that... (Um, ok, Steve Lillywhite was pretty rad... and Neil Young)

I see a lot of christian music on your credits. What's up with that?  God likes me? Honestly, I live in Nashville, which is ground zero for CCM. It's an industry segment in which I happen to do well. I get to do a wide range of music anyway, plus there's a lot of good people doing CCM, and I like working with good people. Some folks like to dog the jesus music but c'mon, really? Have you heard the amount of crap out there? Good music is good music.

I've heard you change stuff when you mix, like a producer would. What gives you the right to do that?  The Constitution? I don't go into a mix with that intent- I find a vision for the tune that moves me and I go for it. If someone doesn't like something, we hit "undo." A lot of the time, though, we discover new things that make the track better.

I want to work with you, but I can't afford you.  Completely untrue. Music first, money later. Email me and we'll figure it out. I'm into sharing the risk if you're into sharing the rewards.

Do you do indie records?  All the time.

Do you mix in the box?  What does that mean, really? I mix around the box. I mix in a chair...

What do you mean, "around the box?"  It means I have a modded SSL 4000E, several tons of vintage and not-so-vintage outboard gear, one of the world's largest pro-tools systems with a lot of plugins, and a lavazza espresso machine. It's wired together. It works great. I have all the advantages of instant recall with the tone and character of analog. Digital when I need it, analog when I need it. No, i'm not going to tell you how I do that.

What's your favorite piece(s) of gear?  Whichever one makes the song sound the best today.

 Do you have a million-dollar studio?  Pretty much. I haven't added it up, because my wife would probably kill me. I've been building up to it for a long time, so it's pretty nice. Come see it!

I can mix on a laptop in my bedroom.  Yes, you can. So can I, but I choose not to.  I believe in using the best available tools for the job. Some of those tools are old, expensive, occasionally inconvenient and mostly glorious.

What's a robot lemon?  I like robots, they make things. I like lemons, they make drinks taste better. If I had a remote-controlled free-floating robot shaped like a lemon, I would be pretty stoked. That, plus a jetpack, would rule. Plus, it's a hard to forget and easy to spell.

Do you master your own mixes? No. Because that's a terrible horrible no-good very bad idea, especially while Athens, CalbiDemainDoddJensenLudwigMcNairMendlessonShike and others are alive and KILLING IT. (yes, that list is alphabetical)

I've got more questions. Where can I get answers? 

Check out the site, hit my email, call my phone, friend me on Facebook. Let's make music.